Haiti Mission Church of Christ
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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We are always in need of supporters and donations. You will find that in supporting or donating, you will find happiness, hope and strength.

Our hearts are always open. Please join us in making a better world, a godly world.

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The work in Haiti started in 1990. We made short trips once or twice a year but soon found out that Haiti was one of the most religious countries in the world. After converting several denominational congregations it became necessary to begin full time work in Haiti which we started in 1994.

We specialized in converting entire churches and soon had over 100 new congregations that became part of the Body of Christ. Many more new churches have been added over the years. It thus became necessary to educate men to train the new churches and help them to stand firm in the truth. 

We soon had several dedicated and very well educated groups of young men which we called TIMOTHY TEAMS. These TEAMS were responsible of visiting denominational churches that asked us to COME OVER AND TEACH THEM THE TRUTH MORE ACCURATELY. The TEAMS went to investigate these congregations and started to teach them. After 2-3 weeks myself and often teams from the United States came to further teach, encourage and baptize these very religious people. The TIMOTHY TEAMS then stayed for a period of time with new Christians. Many TEAMS go and visit these new churches as often as possible. The work of the TIMOTHY TEAMS is still carried out in the same fashion today.

We also started radio programs which reached large portions of the country resulting in further invitations to come and teach, but it also was an excellent tool to educate the new Christians, encourage them and help them to move towards maturity.

One very unique aspect of our work in Haiti is the fact that we do not pay (not now and not in the past) salaries to local preachers. We feel this is the responsibility of the local churches. The result has been astonishing as most of our congregations today are fully self-supporting. Money to support the various works in Haiti is of course still needed a while longer until all the work is fully self-supporting. We tell churches that ask us to come and help them understand the Bible better and obey the doctrine of Christ that they must become totally self-sufficient within ten years if possible. At least, we will not support them in any way after that. One way to become self-supporting is to start a Christian school; as sadly, all students in Haiti have to pay for their education. We have thousands of kids that cannot pay but that is where support from churches in the USA comes in. We have at least 100 Christian schools in Haiti and we are very proud of that.

We are also proud of our Schools of Preaching in Cavaillon (30 students) and in Puerto Plata (78 students) as the future of the work in Haiti rests on the shoulders of  dedicated and well educated leaders and teachers. We all can continue to pour money into Haiti for decades with the result that when the money stops, the work stops or we can train men to become self-sufficient, self-governing and self- propagating and let them take the lead.

We also have several orphanages and children's homes. The largest children's home is located in Mount Rouge near Cape Haitian, in the North of Haiti. This institution has over 160 children. They need help desperately as it is so difficult for them to care for so many children. There are a lot of mouths to feed on a daily basis.

Over the past 20 years we have baptized tens of thousands of precious souls. The remarkable and certainly most joyous fact is that most all of the converts are still faithful today and all Christians in our work are excited about becoming self-sufficient.

Will you help to make our dream about becoming self-supporting a reality? Please write to the West Broward Church of Christ or call for further information. All funds must be directed through the West Broward church who will be happy to send financial reports twice a year to all supporters.

We are in need of support to operate our orphanages and children's homes, our weekly radio programs and our Schools of Preaching. In the following pages you can learn how to become a supporter of this exciting and rewarding work.